2017 Experimental Wine Submission Form

The experiential wine tasting is back for the 2017 Oregon Wine Symposium. We listened to your feedback and have implemented a few logistical changes to make the experience more enjoyable for everyone. Divided over both days and spread throughout the trade show floor, each trial will have a dedicated booth space during one of the afternoon trade show breaks. If you are interested in presenting an experiment, please fill out the following form to submit your trial for consideration. Form submissions close on Jan. 6 and participants will be chosen and notified by Jan. 27.
  • This person will be asked to give a 5 minute flash talk to the general session audience directly before the trade show break on the day their trial will be featured. Each presenter will also be required to be available at their booth to answer attendee questions or help pour trial wines if needed.
  • Since this is a stand up tasting we are requesting trials be limited to two comparisons only. This will help decrease congestion and allow for more seamless movement for attendees.
  • Keep it short, yet descriptive. This will be the title used on all informational and promotional material.
  • Please answer the following questions. This will help us create an informational display for your trial. #1. What was the question or problem you were trying to answer with your experiment? #2. What methods or procedures did you employ to capture your data?
  • Please mark which date you prefer to present your trial. I will do my best to accommodate all requests but I cannot make any guarantees.