Explore Oregon Wine Tasting Rooms

This toolkit explains the tasting room itinerary database (for convenience herein referred to as Explore) housed on the OWB’s consumer website. Below you will find information on how to create, claim and customize your tasting room listing.

The Explore tool is a digital directory of 500 tasting rooms around the state designed to assist active and prospective visitors. It can be found by heading to www.oregonwine.org and selecting “Visit” from the primary navigation. Then select “Explore Tasting Rooms” from the drop down and you’ll be on your way.

The direct address is oregonwine.org/explore-tasting-rooms.



The Explore tasting rooms tool was designed to help wine country visitors easily identify the wineries that best match their visit objectives, be they a specific grape variety, an onsite amenity or a region. Additionally, that same functionality has been designed to entice prospective visitors by demonstrating the volume and value of Oregon’s diverse tasting room experiences.

When you update your tasting room listing in the digital Explore tool, your information will also be automatically updated in three additional important locations:

Keeping your tasting room listing detailed and accurate ensures your businesses data is as useful as possible for consumers around the world, the Wine Board’s communications, and tourism partners around the state, including TravelOregon.com.


To make the most of your tasting room listing, imagine you’re a prospective visitor. Be as thorough in your listing details as possible, and where possible include pictures of your tasting room and other public spaces. Show visitors where they will be and what they can experience.

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If you have a user account keep this page open for reference and begin with Step 1 below.

If you do NOT have a user account click here to visit the FAQ below.


STEP 1 – CLICK HERE ⇒ visit.oregonwine.org


On the new tab opened in Step 1, Click “Sign In” in the upper right hand corner.

If you already have an account, enter your login information on the left side and click “Login.”

If you do NOT have a user account visit the FAQ below.

You should now be signed in.

  • If you don’t remember your password you may request a reset by clicking “Lost your password” and one will be emailed to you
  • If you can’t remember your username or email address email Kai McMurtry


Once signed in you’ll be redirected to your account page as seen below. Your listing(s) can be accessed in the two places shown below.

Once you click “manage your listings” or “Edit Listings” a new page will open displaying the tasting rooms you control. To make changes, click the “Edit” option underneath the listing you’d like to edit.

You can now review your listing for accuracy and needed edits. In response to COVID-19 phased reopening two fields have been added at the top of your listing and reflect your status for onsite consumption. Please make sure those fields are complete and correct.


Remember to click “Save changes” at the bottom of the page when you’re finished.


The information you provide here will be used in a variety of places:

This one edit process will provide accurate listing data to all of the outlets just described. Please repeat this process whenever your tasting room information changes so consumers and the Oregon Wine Board are up to date.

If you have any additional questions, please check the FAQ below.


If your business is open for onsite consumption but you aren’t listed in search results email Kai McMurtry.

If your winery does not accept visitors for tastings at any time you will not have a listing profile. However, the OWB would like to ensure we have accurate business and contact information for you. Please email Kai McMurtry.

If your business has more than one tasting room, repeat the steps above to find and edit each of your businesses listings. Please do not create more than one user account for this process.

If your winery does not accept visitors for tastings at any time you will not have a listing profile. However, the OWB would like to ensure we have accurate business and contact information for you. Please email Kai McMurtry.

If you don’t have a user account or don’t remember your account credentials email Kai McMurtry with your winery name and the email you’d like associate with your listing.
If you already have a user account on the Explore site and your tasting room listing is accurate and has been claimed then you’re all set. If your listing is accurate but you have not claimed it yet please do so.

Claim instructions begin with Step 3 in the instructions above.

You can update your tasting room information at any time as needed. Follow the instructions above each time a change is needed.
OTIS (Oregon Tourism Information System) is a database of tourism resources such as tasting rooms listings, tour operators, photos, events, even bicycle routes and more maintained by Travel Oregon.

OTIS unifies the efforts of the tourism industry by streamlining content management and communications and is powered by open-source software. For example, OTIS provides the winery listings you see here for Travel Oregon and here for Visit McMinnville.

When you update your tasting room information using the OWB’s Explore tool, your data is automatically shared with Travel Oregon and OTIS.

Currently, exporting OTIS data is only open to local DMOs, RDMOs and certain statewide trade groups.

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