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The Oregon Wine Profit Planner is a free web-based tool designed to empower small Oregon vineyards and wineries to make business decisions – from pruning to pricing to packaging to personnel – that positively impact their bottom line.

The Oregon Wine Profit Planner is available to any employee of an Oregon vineyard or winery.

Tutorials and Resources

Below are helpful guides and other information specific to each of the Profit Planner Workbooks.

Before you get started for the first time, read these instructions for creating and saving your workbooks.

The four Profit Planner Workbooks follow the supply and value chain decisions that affect the financial success of making and selling wine, from the vineyard to the consumer point of sale. By using the complete suite of Workbooks, producers can attain accurate forecasting and a complete financial snapshot of production, sales, marketing and distribution divisions of their wine business.

Vineyard P&L and Cash Flow Workbook

In the Vineyard P&L and Cash Flow workbook of the Oregon Wine Profit Planner, you provide detailed inputs pertaining to startup costs, annual operating costs and revenue to understand how they impact your profitability. Comparative charts provide a 15 year cash flow and profit forecast.

Winery Cost of Goods Workbook

In the Winery Cost of Goods workbook of the Oregon Wine Profit Planner, the inputs are grape costs, production costs, cellaring program, packaging costs and FOB pricing. The output is a better handle on your gross margin and breakdown of costs for any individual wine you produce.

Marketing, Sales and Portfolio Management Workbook

With the Marketing, Sales and Portfolio Management workbook of the Oregon Wine Profit Planner, your product portfolio and sales channel mix are combined with your sales and marketing budget decisions – including personnel – to forecast your bottom line.

Tasting Room Profitability Workbook

In the Tasting Room Profitability workbook of the Oregon Wine Profit Planner, you can create your complete profit and loss (P&L) statement, forecast revenue, personnel expenses and other costs, and create a budget for your tasting room. Once set up, you can examine areas of income and expense to optimize your tasting room profits.

About the Oregon Wine Profit Planner

The Oregon Wine Profit Planner was developed by the OWB education committee, led by OWB Education Manager Bree Stock MW, in partnership with wine business educator Tim Hanni MW. This is the first comprehensive tool of its kind to be designed by a regional board for the economic benefit of its producers. The Oregon Wine Profit Planner is meant for simulation purposes only and authors assume no responsibility, liability or financial obligation for its use.

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