This toolkit describes the rebrand effort and assets created for the new Oregon Wine consumer brand premiered in early 2021. Below you will find a summary of the process as well as state and regional assets for download.

For a comprehensive overview of the brand’s design, visit the launch webpage or view the video at left.

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This brand work has its functional beginnings in 2018 when the Board began an ongoing industry engagement process to refine its strategic priorities. Through conversations, work groups, surveys and more, strategic plans were developed for our core responsibilities in research, marketing and communications, and the broader organization.

In 2019, Marketing & Communications strategic planning identified a clear industry request: for the OWB to own the statewide work of defining, protecting and promoting the reputation of Oregon wine.

In 2020, with the support of a $50,000 Wine Country License Plate grant, we hired Portland-based Watson Creative and began the work of translating your 60 years of brand equity into an authentic and comprehensive brand identity that we can use to connect with consumers around the world.

The industry engagement and discovery phase included deep dive interviews with winery principals, round table discussions with regional associations, larger workshops that spanned business size and maturity, consumer interviews, field research, an online survey and more. This learning informed all the creative work that followed and allowed us to accurately reflect industry character while serving the industry’s diverse needs.

The resulting brand work will be deployed across all Oregon Wine Board consumer channels throughout 2021.


The Oregon Wine Brand Style Guide is the most authoritative resource on your Oregon Wine consumer brand.

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State Graphics

Statewide assets – such as wordmark and brandmark – are available for download in a variety of formats and brand colors. All Oregon Wine brand asset usage must be approved by Oregon Wine Board prior to publication.

If you’re looking for alternative assets or file types email Kai McMurtry.

Regional Graphics

Regional character is essential to the Oregon Wine experience, so it had to be essential to the Oregon Wine brand. We have built a suite of verbal and visual tools for the Rogue, Umpqua, Willamette and Walla Walla Valleys, as well as Portland and the Columbia Gorge. These regions all receive a tagline, a headline, and three descriptive pillars for place, power, and purpose.

This language was based on regional input and collaboration to ensure the end result projected an authenticity for each place that is specific enough to be meaningful, but malleable enough to evolve over time.

These verbal elements can be used independently as well as found in a suite of graphic “stamps” and “tags” for each region. Additionally, graphic state outlines are provided to create a cohesive visual language of place.

AVA Graphics

The 15 AVAs that sit inside the six regions also received a “tag” modeled after their regional parent tag. This allows statewide, regional, and AVA specific messaging to communicate using the same tools that reinforce place, community and identity.

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ACTION – This new Oregon Wine brand was inspired by you. The new Oregon Wine brand belongs to you. Today, we invite you to share your stories of place, power and purpose with us by completing the form below. We will share your responses on social media, use them to inspire future creative for the Oregon Wine brand, and simply celebrate your awesome work. Let’s show the world what it means to grow an Oregon grape for an Oregon wine.

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