About the Oregon Wine Board

The Oregon Wine Board is a semi-independent Oregon state agency managing marketing, research and education initiatives that support and advance the Oregon wine and wine grape industry. The Board works on behalf of all Oregon wineries and independent growers throughout the state’s diverse winegrowing regions. The Oregon wine grape and wine industry contributes more than $5.61 billion in economic activity each year, including more than 29,738 wine-related jobs and more than $1 billion in wages.

Next Board of Directors Meeting

Tuesday, August 13, 2019
OSU Foundation, Corvallis
RSVP to Stacey Kohler

Upcoming Board Meetings

  • August 13, 2019 – OSU Foundation, Corvallis
  • October 2019 – Teleconference
  • December 5-6, 2019 – Oregon Historical Society, Portland