Committees & Task Forces

The Oregon Wine Board is indebted to the dozens of community members who volunteer on committees to help plan and produce programming that benefits the entire Oregon wine industry. If you are interested in learning more about a committee or are interested in committee service, contact the relevant OWB manager.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee provides oversight on financial practices and procedures, previews Board reports and advises prior to external disclosures.

Chair: Justin King, Treasurer
Vice Chair: Donna Morris, Chair-Elect
Management Lead: Marie Chambers

Viticulture & Enology Research Committee

The Viticulture & Enology Research Committee consolidates near‐term industry input on viticulture and enology research priorities; reviews and recommends applications for funding; and evaluates project progress. Read more about the expectations and requirements of V&E Research Committee service.

Chair: Jason Tosch
Co-Vice Chairs: David Beck and John Pratt
Management Lead: Jess Willey

Committee Roster:

Leigh Bartholomew
Jim Bradshaw
Terry Brandborg
Robert Brittan
Johnny Brose
Tresider Burns
Ted Casteel
Leti Catoira
Elizabeth Clark*
Jason Cole
Dai Crisp
Scott Dwyer
Michael Fay

Chris Graves
Brian Gruber
Geoffrey Hall
Gina Hennen
Allen Holstein
Anthony King*
Erik Kramer
Bill Kremer
Ken Kupperman*
Mel Liebeck
Anna Matzinger
Ryan McAdams
Brian McCormick

Anneka Miller
Erica Miller
Kathy Miller
Karl Mohr
Michael Moore
Joey Myers*
Ray Nuclo
Dave Paige*
Tim Scott
Bruce Sonnen
Chad Vargas
Vince Vidrine
Karl Weichold

*Steering Committee Member

Education Committee

The Education Committee advises and participates in development of an annual education calendar centered on the Oregon Wine Symposium.

Chair: Bertony Faustin
Vice Chair: Eugenia Keegan
Management Lead: Bree Stock

Symposium Viticulture Track Lead: Leigh Bartholomew
Symposium Enology Track Lead: Anthony King
Symposium Business Track Lead: Carrie Kalscheuer

Committee Roster:

Viticulture & Enology
Andrew Bandy Smith
JP Caldcleugh
Kiley Evans
Gina Hennen
Claire Jarreau
Alex Levin
James Osborne
Luisa Ponzi
Nichole Schulte
Patty Skinkis
Emily Terrell
Vince Vidrine

Remy Drabkin
Colin Eddy
Vanessa Hadick
Jeff Lewis
Scott Kelley
Meg Murray
Nicolas Quille
Sofia Torres
Hallie Whyte

Strategic Marketing & Communications Committee

The Strategic Marketing & Communications Committee consolidates industry input on strategic programs and priorities.

Chair: Donna Morris, Chair-Elect
Vice Chair: Barbara Steele
Management Lead: Jess Willey

Committee Roster:

Ellen Brittan
Craig Camp
Eugenia Keegan
Justin King
David Millman
Amy Prosenjak

International Marketing Committee

The International Marketing Committee consolidates industry input on strategic programs and priorities.

Chair: Bob Morus
Vice Chair: Steve Thomson
Management Lead: Marie Chambers

Committee Roster:

David Adelsheim
Rob Alstrin
Shirley Brooks
Randy Ford
Jon Foster

John Gabelhausen
Ryan Harms
Doyle Hinman
Alexandra LaFontaine
David Millman

Ryan Pennington
Howard Rossbach
Thom Sichta
Alison Sokol Blosser
Emily Zegar

Information Sharing Task Force (ISTF)

The ISTF creates and facilitates awareness, adoption and engagement of opportunities, activities, key trends and developments in the Oregon wine community through active communications.

Management Lead: Sally Murdoch

Committee Roster:

Ross Allen
Alfredo Apolloni
Gina Bianco
Terry Brandborg
Julia Burke
Craig Camp
Ariel Eberle
Denise Flora
Joe Ginet
Robert Hansen
Jason Hanson
Jennifer Kerrigan
Joel Kiff
Liz Knapke

Kim Kolb
Jean Kurtz
Jack La Rue
Laurie Lewis
Cathy Martin
Brad Mayer
Brian McCormick
Morgen McLaughlin
Jon Meuret
Rebecca Moore
Mary Olson
Debby Phaneuf
Luisa Ponzi
John Pratt

Sarah Reid
Steve Robertson
Annie Shull
Scott Steingraber
Andy Steinman
Corby Stonebraker-Soles
Betty Tamm
Jessica Thomas
Tom Waliser
Dan Warnshuis
Nate Winters
Karolyn Wright
Jill Zarnowitz