Industry Organization Grant Opportunity

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The Oregon Wine Board will accept requests from Oregon-based wine industry not-for-profits (NFPs) until June 30, 2021 for grants of up to $500. Each NFP may apply once.

Funding requests must be presented in writing from a Steering Committee or a Board of Directors representing an Oregon wine industry NFP comprised of grape growers and/or winemakers and recognized in IRS tax code as tax-exempt. Grants are not made to individuals or for-profit businesses.

Intended Uses of Grant Funding:
The grants are designed to assist in funding activities that support each NFP’s unique mission. Funds can be used for purposes approved by each NFP’s Board including professional grant writing assistance, reimbursements for expenses incurred by visiting members of the media or academics engaged on a project of importance to the NFP. Grant money can also be directed towards other activities as requested by an NFP’s Board insofar as such activities are consistent with the Oregon Wine Board’s emphasis on Research, Education, Media Relations and Marketing programs.

No matching funds are required.

Request Submission Process
The form below enables NFP Boards to provide the information required to process their requests. Each submission is to include the following:

  • The precise amount being requested up to $500;
  • The signature of the Board’s Chair or an acknowledgment that the request is from a Board officer on behalf of the NFP;
  • Confirmation of the NFP’s tax-exempt status, such as a tax ID number or any other identifier from founding documents establishing it as a tax-exempt 501(c) sub-classification;
  • A description, with relevant detail, of the project(s) the money will be used for;
  • A date by which the NFP agrees to report back in writing to OWB on how the funding was invested.

A maximum of $500 per NFP will be awarded between July 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021 by the Oregon Wine Board.

Other Information:
While funds are intended to be used during the year in which they are awarded, there will be no penalty for carrying them over into the subsequent year if a project is delayed.

The Oregon  Wine Board reserves the right to amend or terminate this grant program at any time, however any funds awarded but not spent will remain with the organization to which they were dispensed and are to be used for the project, or one similar to that, described in the request.

Recipient NFPs will be listed in OWB’s Annual Report along with a summary of their project description.

Grant Request Form

IMPORTANT: If you do not see a confirmation message after submitting your form, it means we have not received your request. If this happens, please scroll back down the page to review any errors that may have occurred in your application.

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