Navigating The Alternative Packaging World – Mini Session with Saxco

A look at innovative options and containers with Saxco’s packaging experts with a focus on a new Keg options we have for the wineries and also explore, small formats (375ml) and RTD containers.

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Speaker Bios

Renee Zendejas has spent over 15 years in the wine industry, ranging from the purchasing seat to the sales and marketing side. She started her wine career at one of the largest wine producers in the Central Coast of California, where she was swept away to learn all she could about the marketing and business side of wine. Prior to that she spent her time on the traditional side of marketing for a large credit card company. When she is not geeking out about marketing, you can follow the trail of sunshine and Pinot noir to where she will mostly be relaxing.
Tam Delaney has over 15 years of packaging experience and brings a level of commitment to her customers like no other. She works relentlessly to find solutions and has a results-driven approach. Tam honed her sales skills at packaging and tech companies throughout the Pacific Northwest. She has led teams to record-breaking new business development results, all with an ease and professionalism you don’t see much nowadays. When not talking about packaging, you can find Tam adventuring in the great outdoors. She also enjoys cooking and trying new things with foods!
Barb Robertson brings more than 20 years to the industry making her a trusted source and partner for her customers. Some say that Barb likes learning from the inside out, starting things off on the marketing side them jumping feet first into the retail and on-premise side of the wine business as co-owner of a very successful wine shop. Adding to her knowledge base she then began working on the packaging, side bringing her signature effervescent personality to each account she managed. When not cultivating her business relationships, you can find Barb writing articles or curled up with a good mystery, a fire and a gorgeous glass of red wine!