The Oregon Winegrowers Association has awarded Senator Arnie Roblan and Rep. Paul Holvey with the 2019 Oregon Wine Leadership Award on Wednesday, Jan 30. Both members have been long time legislators who have used their leadership roles to advance issues important to the Oregon wine industry. Both members serve as two of the four co-chairs of the Oregon Wine Legislative Caucus.

Senator Arnie Roblan was first elected in 2005 to the Oregon House. Just a few years later, he served as co-speaker (2011 and 2012) when the House was jointly controlled by Democrats and Republicans. He has served in the Senate since winning a seat in 2012. Senator Roblan has always been a champion for the Oregon wine industry. He pushed through industry-led legislation in 2013 that rewrote the rules for commercial activities and events at wineries on farmland. Additionally, Senator Roblan was a strong supporter of the Oregon Wine Country License Plate, and helped the industry secure $500,000 for wine industry market access and research funding (MARIS) from the legislature in 2017. Senator Roblan is a frequent traveler to Asia and Canada promoting Oregon’s premium wines. While most of Roblan’s legislative district includes the Oregon coast, he is always willing to step forward to lead on issues important to Oregon wineries and winegrowers.

Rep. Paul Holvey has served in the Oregon House since his appointment to an open seat in 2004. He is now one of most senior members, serving in the leadership role of speaker pro tempore. His Lane County district includes a large portion of Willamette Valley wine country. Rep. Holvey has been a key figure on winery land use issues, including helping pass legislation to establish new rules for commercial activities, events and food service at wineries on farmland. Rep. Holvey also has been a key wine industry champion on the House Business and Labor Committee, which he chaired for many years. He was instrumental in passing legislation to establish wine growlers (Oregon was the first state to do so) and create new conduct rules for music licensing agents. He also has been a key ally of the wine industry on labor issues and the protection of farmland. Rep. Holvey is currently serving as chair of the House Rules Committee and was instrumental in forming the Oregon Wine Legislative Caucus several years ago.