The following is a note from a small group of Oregon Riesling producers who are exploring collaborative efforts to drive momentum behind Oregon Riesling in the markeplace:

Dear Fellow Oregon Riesling Producers-

Riesling has a long and important history in Oregon and, to many of us, it is a great source of passion and pride to make wine in this great place. Though there have been times where making and selling Riesling in Oregon has not been so easy, we are optimistic about the outlook of its future standing in the marketplace.

As a group, we believe that in order to best focus our energies on growing the reputation and awareness of Oregon Riesling, it is vitally important to begin by understanding the current status of its production here. Please help us do so by filling out a short survey.  We will share the results with all who complete the survey and keep you informed about future initiatives whether they be technical, marketing, or related to both.  We aim to reach anyone and everyone who makes and sells Riesling in Oregon, so please feel free to share this survey with other producers.

Please respond back by Feb. 8.  If you have any questions, contact Claire Jarreau.  Thank you in advance for your participation!


Janie Brooks Heuck (Brooks), James Frey (Trisaetum), Matt Berson (Love and Squalor), Bill Hooper (Paetra), John House (Ovum)