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Although many tasting rooms in Oregon are not yet open to onsite visitors – either by Governor’s order or choice – wine lovers and media are seeking an accurate and comprehensive resource on where visitors are welcomed for onsite tastings. The OWB’s site, visit.oregonwine.org, houses more than 500 tasting room profiles and is ready to be that resource.
In the coming days, we will begin referring consumers and media to this site for up-to-date information on tasting room status. Please help us keep it current.

Soon, ALL tasting room listings will reflect the message, “Due to COVID-19 it is unknown if this tasting room is open for visits at this time. Please call ahead.” If and when you reopen, please follow the instructions below to update your profile to remove that message.
Lastly, while all tasting room listings will be available to view, only those that have indicated that they are open will display in filtered search results.

How to update your open status

Two new fields have been added to every tasting room profile. To indicate you have reopened, log in to your profile account, check the YES box and enter your reopening details. See the image below for what to expect.

Visit Toolkit

To update your profile complete the top two fields:
1. Are you open for onsite consumption?
2. If YES, what should your guests know for a successful visit?

If you know your visit.oregonwine.org login credentials head there now and update your profile. 


If you need a refresher, visit the program Toolkit to learn how to locate your listing, log in, update your tasting room profile or create an account.


Oregon Vine Perks Launches This Week

For wineries everywhere, regardless of county or open status, learn more about the just launched Oregon Vine Perks Pass, a consumer loyalty program designed to help you sell wine now and bring more people to your cellar door once open.

Oregon Vine Perks





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