Photo courtesy AHIVOY

AHIVOY (Asociación Hispana de la Industria del Vino en Oregon y Comunidad) is a nonprofit organization creating opportunities and empowering Latinx and Hispanic vineyard stewards of the Willamette Valley to overcome socio-economic challenges. The organization seeks to provide education and professional development, paving the way for Oregon’s hard-working vineyard stewards to support their families and further their careers in the wine industry.

AHIVOY, in collaboration with Chemeketa Community College, has developed a wine industry professional training for current vineyard stewards. The curriculum is designed to further technical grape and wine knowledge while also creating awareness of potential career, entrepreneurial, and leadership opportunities in the wine industry.

This training is specifically designed for current vineyard stewards who have a desire to expand their opportunities in the wine industry.

AHIVOY is currently recruiting vineyard stewards for the 2021 class. If you are a vineyard steward interested in participating and/or an employer who would like to support a vineyard steward in participating, please contact AHIVOY.

AHIVOY is also seeking wine industry professionals who are interested in sharing their experience. If you are interested in contributing to instruction, please email Jessica Sandrock. All instruction is taught in English with Spanish support.