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Host hands face mask to guest

Photo courtesy Adelsheim Vineyard

It is critical that we set and meet visitation expectations as an industry. We want guests to arrive in wine country expecting consistent compliance with health precautions such as PPE and safe distancing to protect tasting room staff and visitors alike. 

To that end, it’s important that wineries depict strict adherence to COVID-19 public health guidelines in their social media posts. Current (or implied to be current) photos of crowds, staff not wearing masks, food being prepared without masks, etc., are inappropriate regardless of when they were actually taken. If you do post a photo depicting a pre-COVID experience or event, please include a prominent note to that effect in your post.

If you’re curious how we’re messaging to consumers regarding wine country expectations visit our wine country reopening page.

Share your COVID-19 photography

We at OWB also intend to set accurate expectations of safe visitation experiences through our own communications channels, but we need your help. If your business has any recent photography showing socially distanced guests, tasting room associates wearing masks, or other obvious COVID-19 accommodations that you’d be willing to share, please do. We’ve setup an easy portal to collect your images along with identifying information and photo credit so we can share your hard work with consumers around the country. Please consider submitting and licensing your COVID photography for statewide benefit.






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