The Experimental Wine Tasting program is a new technical tasting session at the 2016 Oregon Wine Symposium.  Showcasing experimental wines from around the state that demonstrate how full-scale trials conducted in the vineyard and/or winery can potentially impact a wine,  this interactive and social forum provides a chance to taste various trials and experiments while talking with the vineyard manager or winemaker involved in the experiment. Below is a list of the participating wineries and the experiments they will be showcasing so you can preplan your approach to this session. The full Experimental Wine Tasting booklet can also be downloaded here.

Trial List

  1. Effect of NDVI Based Selective Harvest on Wine – Adelsheim Vineyard
  1. Early vs. Late Picks for 2015 Pinot Noir – Chehalem Wines
  1. The Influence of Timing of Harvest on Flavor Development of 2015 Pinot Noir During a Warm Vintage – King Estate
  1. Timing of Harvest Differences on Fruit Chemistry, Flavor and Grape Physiology in 2015 Syrah – Quady North
  1. Differences in 2015 Pinot Noir Grown in Loess, Marine and Volcanic Soil – Adelsheim Vineyard, Lange Estate Winery, Chehalem Wines
  1. Flotation vs. Traditional Settling of 2015 Riesling – A to Z Wineworks and REX HILL Winery
  1. The Effects of Optical Sorting on 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon – College Cellars of Walla Walla
  1. Aggressive Sorting for Sun Damage and Double Clusters in 2015 Pinot Noir – Adelsheim Vineyard
  1. Whole Cluster vs. Stem Addition in 2015 Pinot Noir – Adelsheim Vineyard
  1. Punchdown vs. Pump-Over in 2015 Pinot Noir – Chehalem Wines
  1. 2014 Riesling Clone Trial – Chehalem Wines
  1. 2015 Partial Barrel Fermentation of Juice from Red Wine Fermentation -Grochau Cellars
  1. Flavor and Aroma Modification in 2015 Pinot Noir – Airlie Winery
  1. High Color and Low Tannin in 2015 Wine – A to Z Wineworks and REX HILL Winery
  1. Winemaker Approaches and Differences in Aroma, Flavor and Texture – Beaux Fréres , Bethel Heights, Ken Wright Cellars