Below are answers to common questions about the OWB’s Oregon Wine Trail events.

Los Angeles | April 24, 2018

Toronto | April 9, 2019
New York City | May 6, 2019

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Oregon Wine Trail NYC Registration Opens Next Week (Oct. 17, 2018)

Web Links

Click here for OWB’s event micro site, hosted on our consumer web property This page links out to both the consumer ticket page and the trade registration page.


OWB enlisted the help of Feast Portland and Lookout Co. to concept the Oregon Wine Trail event series.

To execute subsequent events, a team of professionals in Oregon and each market will be contracted.


Susannah Gold of Vigneto Commuincations – New York City
Kayt Mathers of Play Nice PR – Portland

  • Masterclass Seminar for key buyers, presented by Bree Stock MW
  • Trade and media walk around tasting
  • Consumer tasting (ticketed entrance)
Oregon Wine Trail NYC will take place at the Altman Building, a well-known venue in Midtown Manhattan with a history of wine events.

Winery Logistics
We will be hosting a webinar on Feb. 21 to review logistical information. In the meantime, please review the information below.

It is strongly encouraged that at least one of your winery representatives is the winemaker/owner/other principal, to maximize the effectiveness of your interactions with the trade decision-makers present.
There will be space for two representatives per winery.
As the primary trade members that will be recruited to attend this event are buyers from top restaurant and independent retail accounts, participation is most suitable for wineries that are already working with a distributor in the New York City market.

If you are seeking representation in the market, you are welcome to register but are strongly urged to set up in-market work plans and contact prospective distributors about appointments well in advance.

We don’t yet have the room layout but the setup will be the same for all wineries.
Wineries may show up to four different wines. We recommend that you bring six bottles of each.
Wines will be consolidated at Northwest Wines & Storage in Salem in February 2019. Full details will be provided to confirmed wineries when appropriate.
We recommend you arrive in NYC at least the day before the event and do not plan to leave until the day after. However, you are encouraged to extend your trip to make account visits, host in-store tastings or winemaker dinners, etc.

For your consideration: The Willamette Valley Wineries Association will be executing Pinot in the City in Boston on May 2, 2019. Participating wineries are encouraged to consider how time may be best spent serving the Boston – NYC markets with the interim time.

In addition to the usual information (winery information, wines poured, local distributor, etc.), you will be asked to provide the OWB with your current sales in the NYC market prior to and one year after the event. This will help us prove success to the USDA/ODA, which are helping to fund this event – and two more in the future – through a Specialty Crop Block grant.


Registration for New York City has closed and all winery spots have been filled.
There is a $650 participation fee per winery.
You will be required to send one or two winery representatives to pour at the event, including their travel costs.

You will also need to provide the wine to pour.

Wineries will be registered on a first-come, first-served basis within their regional allocation. The 50 available spots will be allocated to regions in accordance with their proportional annual harvested tonnage. The regions are:

  • Willamette Valley (includes Portland wineries)
  • Southern Oregon (Rogue and Umpqua valleys)
  • Eastern Oregon (Columbia Gorge and Walla Walla Valley)
We will let all wineries that have completed a registration form know if their spot is confirmed by Nov. 16 at the latest, and sooner if possible.
Wineries exceeding the allocated number of spots will be placed on a waitlist in order of their registration.
As of Nov. 15, wineries on the wait list will be given to any unfilled spots, regardless of region.
Payment will be requested from the allocated wineries on or before Nov. 16. Submitting payment is the process by which your participation slot is confirmed.
Cancellations on or before February 15 will incur a $100 fee to cover processing costs. Cancellations after Feb. 15 will forfeit the full registration fee.


Great! We want your help in spreading the word about this event. We will provide confirmed participating wineries with digital invitations, registration links, and social media assets that can be used for this purpose by the time attendee registration opens in 2019.
Regrettably we are not able to discount admission to the consumer tasting.
The wines will be selected by the seminar leader, Bree Boskov MW, who will select wines that best illustrate the curriculum points.
Email your questions to and we will reply to your email as soon as possible.