Experimental Wine Tasting Attendee 9The experiential wine tasting is back for the 2017 Oregon Wine Symposium. We listened to your feedback and have implemented a few logistical changes to make the experience more enjoyable for everyone. Divided over both days and spread throughout the trade show, each trial will have a dedicated booth space during one of the afternoon trade show breaks. If you are interested in presenting an experiment, please fill out the application form to submit your trial for consideration. Applications must be submitted by Jan. 6. Participants will be chosen and notified by Jan.  27.


The Symposium planning committee will give first priority to vineyard or winery trial experiments that directly reflect Symposium session curriculum. All trials will be considered, however, experiments that take a look at any aspect of the following topics will be given priority in the selection process:

  • Red Blotch
  • Trunk Disease
  • Irrigation Management
  • Canopy Management
  • Winery Water Reduction Methods
  • Cool vs. Hot Vintage Differences in Winemaking Techniques
  • Crop Yields
  • Sparkling Wine Techniques

Click here to apply. For questions, contact info@oregonwine.org at OWB