The preliminary pricing report for grapes from the 2019 Oregon Vineyard and Winery Survey is now available. The report includes weighted average prices and median prices as well as minimum and maximum prices per ton by variety. Where enough data points allow, regional pricing provides a comprehensive picture of grape prices throughout the state.

We have received feedback over time from both growers and producers about the need to ensure reported pricing reflects transactions taking place on the open market. To help improve confidence in the reported data, beginning with the 2018 survey we clarified the request for grape sales to third parties.

Where no data are reported, at either the statewide or regional level, it is because not enough data points were received to be able to report. Thank you to those Oregon vineyards that took the time to share their data to help create this report.

If you have any questions about this report, please direct them Jess Willey at the Oregon Wine Board or Bob Parker, director of the University of Oregon’s Institute for Policy Research and Engagement, who conducted this study’s data collection, analysis and reporting.

Update on the full 2019 Vineyard and Winery Report

Bob and his team at the University of Oregon are currently wrapping up analysis of all submitted data and are preparing to release the full 2019 Oregon Vineyard and Winery Report in late August, at which point it will be shared via email and posted to the OWB’s industry website.

Past reports can be found here.

The annual Oregon Vineyard and Winery Report is used to communicate Oregon wine industry facts such as grape pricing, economic impact, market growth and more. Contact Jess Willey at the Oregon Wine Board for more information.