A freelance writer for Wine Enthusiast wants to know what wineries in Oregon are doing with virtual tastings.

If interested, please copy / paste the questions below into an email to Sally Murdoch, OWB communications manager, and she will compile them for the writer. Please answer the questions as fully as possible.

The deadline to send your information to Sally is 5 p.m. on Friday, March 20.

Tell me about the shipments / promotions that you are planning beyond a “typical” shipment that will help fans get a tasting room experience?

How has the response been?

Do you think wineries interacting with consumers virtually could be the new reality, and if so, how will your business adjust?  

How dependent are you and your winemaking cohorts on in-person tourism?

Do you think social media/virtual tastings/etc can help wine lovers have an authentic in-person tasting?

How are you assisting employees who worked in the tasting room?

Are you participating in initiatives for people in the hospitality industry who may have lost their jobs because of winery/restaurant closures?