OWB recently commissioned a Wine Opinions survey to further understand the purchasing habits, buying influences and perceptions among the segment of fine wine consumers who purchase 85% of wines priced more than $20 at retail. This study digs into the Oregon wine “super fan,” investigating attributes and behaviors of consumers who cite Oregon wines as being “among their favorites” and how they differ from more casual Oregon wine consumers. These insights will provide food for thought as you develop your sales strategy in the new year.

Join the OWB and Christian Miller of Full Glass Research as he presents the findings from this study in a webinar on Jan. 18 at 11 a.m. Please only register if you can attend the live webinar. All live participants will have the opportunity to ask questions on the findings. If you are unable to attend, this webinar will be recorded and available to view on the education resources section on the OWB industry website directly after the event. Click here to register. For questions, please contact info@oregonwine.org.