Massachusetts Distributor Seeking New Oregon Producer Partners

Wine Cask Imports, a small importer/distributor in Massachusetts, is seeking to expand its Oregon portfolio. They have been in business for twelve years and their team of four knowledgeable sales-people focuses on the high-population regions of Boston and the North and South Shores. Food friendly wines with minimal chemicals or manipulation, at a good dollar value are their primary focus. 300+ customers include retail stores, restaurants, country clubs, dinner clubs and yacht clubs, so a range of prices and varietals are of interest.

Please note: The Oregon Wine Board makes no guarantees about this business. It is recommended that your winery exercise due diligence when accessing this opportunity and do not send samples before connecting with a distributor principal.

For more information email Ralph A. Rotolante.

July 20, 2017|Grapevine, Trade Marketing|0 Comments

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