The International Pinot Noir Celebration (IPNC) is accepting submissions for consideration for participation in IPNC 2019. The deadline for submissions and samples is Nov. 30.

Each year in the fall, the IPNC accepts wine submissions from Pinot noir producers who are interested in being featured at the next July event. If you have never participated in the IPNC, you must submit a wine sample and an interest form for consideration. Wineries that have been featured at least twice in the past are encouraged to submit an interest form, but not required to submit a wine sample. Please note that wineries featured at the recent 2018 event will not be selected.

The IPNC celebrates Pinot noir from all the major growing regions of the world. Through our selection process, the IPNC hopes to introduce guests to the outstanding quality and diversity of Pinot noir now being produced around the world. The Celebration is designed to give maximum opportunity for casual interaction between the featured winemakers and attending guests. Due to the confines of the venue and our commitment to maintaining the event’s intimacy, we are limited in the number of wineries we can feature annually. Approximately 70 Pinot noir producers are featured each year. The IPNC’s goal is to select a slate of wineries by focusing on quality, both of the individual wines presented and the event as a whole, as the principal criterion. Quality will also be the dominant factor in the determination of the number and distribution of participating wineries. Secondarily, the theme and focus of the program will influence selection, number, and distribution of wineries. Several other factors are also taken into account, such as region, diversity, participation history, and size.

Submission Details & Requirements
If you would like your winery to be considered for inclusion in the 2019 IPNC…

… and your winery has participated in the IPNC at least twice, please fill out and submit the Expression of Interest Form.

… and your winery has NOT participated in the IPNC at least twice, please fill out and submit the Wine Submission Form  and send it with two (2) bottles of your sample wine to: IPNC Selection Committee 410 NE Third Street, Suite #5 McMinnville, OR 97128