International Wine Review

Submission Deadline: May 24, 2019

The International Wine Review is soliciting samples of dry rosé (both still and sparkling) for a special Summer 2019 report on American Rosés.  The article will be published and freely available on the IWR website.  Wineries interested in submitting samples should send two bottles of each wine by May 24, 2019 to:

Donald Winkler, Editor
International Wine Review
3137 Aberfoyle Pl NW
Washington, DC 20015
Phone for shipping: (202) 297-2424

Wineries submitting wines are also requested to notify the IWR by email when the wines are shipped, and questions about the report should be addressed to  Wineries are requested to include technical information about the wines submitted, including:  retail price, grape variety, production method (saignée, direct press), name of the winemaker and contact information.

The International Wine Review is an independent voice on wine. It is a subscription-based publication that does not accept advertising.  It publishes several, in-depth reports each year on specific wine regions.  In addition, wine articles are published regularly on the IWR website (, on the IWR blog (, and on the IWR Facebook page ( Examples of previous IWR reports and wine review articles can be found at  A copy of last year’s report, The World of Rosé, is available by clicking here: ROSE PDF