International Wine Report and Washington Wine Blog writer Owen Bargreen CS is collecting rosé for his annual 2020 Rose Report, and a new request for Tempranillo from Oregon for his 2020 report. He writes:

There has been a nationwide resurgence in Tempranillo wines, particularly those crafted in Washington and Oregon. Washington Wine Blog and International Wine Report reviewer, Dr. Owen Bargreen seeks out all new release Tempranillo wines, as he reports on the Top Tempranillo wines in North America. This will be the first article that examines and reviews top Tempranillo across Washington, Oregon and California..Since Southern Oregon has gained a national reputation for good Tempranillo, I think that this article will be an opportunity to provide some exposure to these great wines.

Please send tech sheets and bottle duplicates to the following address to arrive no later than May 10, 2020:

Dr. Owen Bargreen, CS
Executive Editor
81 Clay St. #223
Seattle, WA 98121
(425) 303-0201

Dr. Owen Bargreen <>

Owen’s Oregon reviews can be found here.