It’s a good time to be an Oregon wine country visitor.

In the last few weeks the OWB has released the 2017 Oregon Wine Touring Guide and a new web resource where prospective visitors can build itineraries around more than just location by incorporating grape varieties and amenities that suit their personal interests, such as sustainability, tours, outdoor seating and much more.

This new trip-planning resource hosts 500 tasting rooms around the state, searchable by nearly 50 unique parameters. How does yours look?

The OWB created a listing for every tasting room in our database. We now need you to claim your listing and augment the existing information. The more detailed and enticing each entry, the more useful this new tool will be to visitors and, therefore, the more beneficial to your winery.

To date, almost 50% of the 500 listings have been claimed. If you have claimed yours, thank you, but you may not be done. Click here to search for your winery and ensure you’ve updated all the information fields, and importantly, added photography.

If you have not yet claimed your listing, block out a few minutes and get started.

Instructions for both processes can be found on the toolkit.