All Oregon wineries are invited to submit three different skus of Oregon wine, any variety of new release that has not yet been reviewed by One bottle apiece, and in their words: there is no limitation as far as varieties, they can submit their best wines / best sellers: open it up to send whatever variety they decide, but always specifying that the wines should be those currently in the market, or soon-to-be released, and not yet rated by

If you don’t know if your wine has yet been reviewed, please email Berenice Maulhardt

These will be reviewed by James Suckling and his team in Hong Kong. The team at James Suckling will be facilitating shipping overseas and all we need to do is have the wines ready over the next month in Salem at Northwest Distribution & Storage. There they will stay climate controlled and be palletized and shipped to Hong Kong.

Finally, as an added assurance so we know what’s coming and going, we can track what’s submitted if you fill this form out for each wine:

If you would like to submit your wines for review, please follow the instructions below:

Send or deliver your wines and technical sheets to Northwest Distribution & Storage to arrive by Monday, June 14, 2021. The address for shipping or drop off is:

Jason Flaig
Northwest Distribution & Storage
Oregon Wine Board/James Suckling
1745 Oxford St. SE #150
Salem, OR 97302

  1. Any wines, Pinot noir and Chardonnays and/or any other varieties from Oregon will be accepted and reviewed.
  2. Please submit no more than three wines per winery, and no barrel or tank samples will be accepted.
  3. Fill out this form so we can track and keep a list of all wines submitted:
  4. All cases delivered to Northwest must be labeled “James Suckling” on all sides.
  5. Send one bottle of wine per sample.
  6. All samples must include technical information on the wines (see below). Wines without this information will not be reviewed.

Required Technical Information:

  • Contact Info, Winery Name
  • Vintage
  • AVA
  • Varietal/Blend
  • Vineyard Designate/Wine Name
  • Case Production
  • Retail Price
  • Release date

If you have any questions, please contact Sally Murdoch at 503-967-8978 ext 1 or

About  James Suckling is one of the world’s most powerful wine critics, and his scores are widely popularized and used among consumers, collectors and wine trade worldwide, especially in Asia. Combining over three decades of tasting experience — 200,000 wines and counting — and extensive wine knowledge, his dedicated website gives you premium access to more than 60,000 tasting notes and wine ratings. James and his team of tasters rate more than 18,000 wines a year from all the key wine regions of the world.