The International Wine Report and Washington Wine Blog
Submission Deadline: April 19, 2019

It’s time again for the annual International Wine Report Oregon Report by reviewer Owen Bargreen CS. Owen said: “I am looking for people to send their new release red and white wines. All varietals will be reviewed, whether it is Pinot noir, Pinot gris or Muscat. If wineries can send their Rosé, that would be helpful so that they can be included in my Pacific Northwest Rose Report, which will run prior to my Oregon Report. This report will be solely be for Washington Wine Blog.” Last year’s Pacific NW Rosé report is here. 

Some wines and wineries reviewed as part of the Oregon report will also be featured on Washington Wine Blog. Bottle duplicates, while not necessary, are helpful in case of bottle variation. Reviews are typically posted within two weeks of receiving them. Wines should be sent by April 19 to the following address:

Owen J. Bargreen CS
81 Clay St. #223
Seattle, WA 98121

For more information, please email Owen Bargreen CS.