Larks Home Kitchen Cuisine, with locations in Ashland and Medford, was named the 2017 Wine Program of the Year today by the Oregon Wine Board and the Oregon Wine Press as part of the 2017 Oregon Wine A-List Awards. This program recognizes restaurants around the world that display deep appreciation, enthusiasm and support for Oregon wines as seen in the diversity of regions and varieties on their wine lists.

This year the Oregon Wine A-List features 124 restaurants from 15 states and four countries. Nine Oregon Wine A-List restaurants received the Regional Spotlight award for their extraordinary commitment to crafting extensive Oregon wine lists.

Thank you to all the industry members who submitted restaurant nominations in the fall! Please note: There are restaurants across Oregon, the U.S. and the world that should be on this list that the selection committee was not able to connect with or simply did not know about. The Oregon Wine A-List nomination form is open year round so if there’s a restaurant you’d like to see on the list, submit a nomination for 2018 consideration. For more information, contact Christina DeArment.