The letter below was shared by Wine Enthusiast Magazine, announcing its 2018 editorial and tasting/review schedule. Submission deadlines and instructions are included within the linked documents.

Dear Submitter:

Another year is upon us, and with it comes more opportunity to have your wines, spirits and beers reviewed by Wine Enthusiast Magazine.

The 2018 editorial year will bring exciting changes for WE. We are rating and reviewing more wines than ever before, and plan to continue the growth of our Tasting and Review program and Buying Guide throughout the coming year.

This e-mail links to all of the important documents required for submitting wines to the tasting department. All files are also available on our website.

Our 2018 Buying Guide Tasting Schedule is a guide for sample submission deadlines and when wines may appear in the magazine. Due to the large amount of samples submitted, it is not possible to taste all wines submitted for any specific issue; wines that are not tasted for the issue they were submitted for will be held for review at the next opportunity.

Also included are the Wine Submission Form and 2018 FAQ Information Sheet. The FAQ outlines our tasting procedures and lists addresses for submitting samples; it has been updated for 2018, including new reviewers and tasting assignmentsplease review the FAQ prior to submitting any new samples to ensure that they are directed to the appropriate editor and address.

For any additional questions concerning our tasting and review department, please contact Tasting Manager Alexander Peartree, Senior Tasting Coordinator Fiona Adams, Tasting Coordinators Carrie Dykes or Angela Kahn.

We look forward to another wonderful year at Wine Enthusiast Magazine, and thank you for your continued support.

The Tasting and Review Department
Wine Enthusiast Magazine