PORTLAND – Dec. 13, 2016 – Innovative techniques and new research to help growers and winemakers adapt to change will drive the conversations at the 2017 Oregon Wine Symposium, Feb. 21-22 at the Oregon Convention Center in Portland.

“The content presented at the Oregon Wine Symposium by world-renowned viticulture and enology experts is more valuable now than ever before,” said David Beck, chairman of the Oregon Wine Board. “This information fosters the ability to improve current processes, respond to unanticipated situations and help further understanding of long-term challenges like a changing climate and fighting the spread of red blotch.”

The viticulture sessions will focus on ways growers can cultivate a healthy vineyard. Session topics include adapting plant material to the ecosystem and terroir of specific sites; irrigation management techniques and current research on the detection, vectors and spread of red blotch virus. Enology sessions will highlight new winery sustainability practices, and adaptations in response to vintage temperature variation with a technical tasting demonstration. Speakers will share new insights on preventing spoilage, while attendees will learn to monitor and reduce winery water usage. A special joint viticulture and enology session will illustrate the effects that crop load yields have on the quality of Pinot noir with a hands-on tasting session.

The Symposium also features the Northwest’s largest wine industry trade show, with more than 170 exhibitors, where attendees can discuss current issues, discover new tools or techniques and network with service providers and peers.

For additional information on the program, speakers and special events, visit symposium.oregonwine.org.


 About the Oregon Wine Board

The Oregon Wine Board is a semi-independent state agency managing marketing, research and education initiatives that support and advance Oregon’s wine and wine grape industries. The Board works on behalf of all Oregon wineries and independent growers throughout the state’s 18 recognized winegrowing regions. For more information, visit industry.oregonwine.org.