Erin Brooks, Oregon reviewer for The Wine Advocate, has asked to review up to 650 Oregon wines during her visit here in late July. Erin‘s Oregon report will focus on wines from the 2017 vintage, although she will accept other vintages or back vintages, including 2018s that have been bottled and released (mostly rosés). All grape varieties are welcome. No barrel samples, only bottled wines will be accepted.

In Erin’s words: 2016s are fine to accept as well, as long as they have not previously been reviewed. It’s fine if my report includes other vintages or back vintages that haven’t been reviewed. But the focus of my reporting will still be the 2017 vintage, as it’s the latest vintage and that’s the focus of the Wine Advocate—get the reviews out before the wines get to market, so consumers can choose what to purchase/invest in.

If you’d like to submit wines for review, send or deliver wines and technical sheets to Northwest Distribution and Storage to arrive by Monday, July 22, 2019. Send two bottles of wine per sample if under cork, and one if under screwcap or synthetic closure. As per Erin’s request, please fill out this The Wine Advocate 2019 Wine Submission Form with a line for each wine submitted. You should then place it in the box with tech sheets. As an added assurance, you can also email the completed tech sheet to OWB at this email: Please don’t send the tech sheets or spreadsheets directly to Erin.

Address for shipping or drop off is:

Jason Flaig
Northwest Distribution & Storage
Oregon Wine Board / The Wine Advocate
1745 Oxford St. SE #150
Salem, OR 97302
(503) 362-2212

  • All wine styles and varieties will be accepted, but the samples must not have been previously reviewed by The Wine Advocate.
  • Please submit no more than four wines.
  • As mentioned above, no barrel or tank samples will be accepted.
  • Samples can be accepted on a first come, first served basis, with the cut-off at 650 individual wine submissions.
  • Please label “The Wine Advocate Tasting” on all sides of your box.

Required Technical Information. Wines without the following information will not be reviewed:

Winery Name
Vineyard Designate
Wine (Fanciful) Name
Case Production
Standard Retail Price
Distributor (provide a list of your distributors nationally)

If you have any questions, please contact Sally Murdoch 503-228-8336 x 29.

Submission Count Update: As of 7/19/19, 430 out of 650 submissions have been received.