The Drunken Cyclist website

Submission Deadline: November 26 – December 7, 2018

Jeff at The Drunken Cyclist website is seeking Oregon Brut and Brut rosé to review, the results of which he plans to publish before Christmas. He is hoping to get a couple dozen or so wines to taste in two categories: Brut and Brut rosé. At last count, The Drunken Cyclist website has just over 80,000 followers, and his Twitter page has more than 77,500 followers as well.

If you’d like your sparklers considered, please send a bottle by December 7 to:

Jeffrey M. Kralik, Ph.D.
8312 Barberry Branch Street
Houston, TX 77055

For his rosé tasting earlier this year, Jeff received 12 Oregon wines to review, and wrote about each of the wines in these posts:

Questions to: 215.380.3550 or