Nick Stock in early 2020

As COVID-19 keeps Oregon in a holding pattern with most media visitors, Nick Stock, executive editor at will be tasting the next round of wines from his home base in Australia for his upcoming Oregon Report.

He is accepting Oregon Pinot noir, Chardonnay and Gamay noir and the vintage would be 2019, unless there are 2018 wines he hasn’t tasted yet. The deadline for him to have wines in Australia is August 31st.

They will need to be shipped FedEx, as he said they are proving very fast and reliable. The first step however is to email Nick directly with a list of wines you are sending. Once you get in touch with Nick by email ( with the wines you would like to ship, and he has confirmed, please then ship internationally to his home address at:

Nick Stock, Executive Editor
142 Beulah Road
Norwood SA 5067

Important to state “media samples – no commercial value” for any shipment to avoid customs delays and duties. Declare value of shipment as $0.