UPDATE 10/5/18: Submissions for the James Suckling tasting are now full. Any samples sent for review will be returned. Thank you.
James Suckling contributing editor Nick Stock is headed to Oregon and the OWB is helping facilitate a comprehensive tasting for him, to be held the week of October 22.  Nick is inviting Oregon winemakers to submit up to four (4) total 2016 Pinot noir and/or 2016 Chardonnay wines per winery. He has a limited stay in Oregon, and can accept and taste up to 400 wines total, so once this number is reached, no more wine will be accepted. If more than four wines are sent per winery, and we have not yet reached the 400 threshold, we will choose four and the rest will be at NW Distribution Co. for pickup. The reviewer will accept up to four wines, in their words, “that have a distinctly different brand on the label…we would consider separately even if owned by same parent company.” If you would like to submit your wines for review, please follow the instructions below:
Send or deliver your wines and technical sheets to Northwest Distribution & Storage to arrive by Monday, October 15, 2018. The address for shipping or drop off is:
Jason Flaig
Northwest Distribution & Storage
Oregon Wine Board/James Suckling
1745 Oxford St. SE #150
Salem, OR 97302
  1. Only 2016 Pinot noir and Chardonnays will be accepted and reviewed.
  2. Please submit no more than four wines per winery, and no barrel or tank samples will be accepted.
  3. Samples can be accepted on a first come, first served basis, with the cut-off at 400 individual winery submissions.
  4. All cases delivered to Northwest must be labeled “James Suckling” on all sides.
  5. Send two bottles of wine per sample if under cork, and one if under screwcap or synthetic closure. All samples must include technical information on the wines (see below). Wines without this information will not be reviewed.
Required Technical Information:
  • Contact Info, Winery Name
  • Vintage
  • Varietal
  • Vineyard Designate/Wine Name
  • AVA
  • Case Production
  • Retail Price
If you have any questions, please contact Sally Murdoch at 503-228-8336 x 29 or sally@oregonwine.org
About JamesSuckling.com:  James Suckling is one of the world’s most powerful wine critics, and his scores are widely popularized and used among consumers, collectors and wine trade worldwide, especially in Asia. Combining over three decades of tasting experience — 200,000 wines and counting — and extensive wine knowledge, his dedicated website JamesSuckling.com gives you premium access to more than 60,000 tasting notes and wine ratings. His team of tasters, including Australian Nick Stock, British Stuart Pigott and his son Jack Suckling, are some of the best in the world. Together with James, they rate more than 18,000 wines a year from all the key regions of the world.
As of 9/15/18, 269 of 400 wines were submitted.
As of 9/24/18, 297 of 400 wines were submitted.
As of 10/3/18, 350 of 400 wines were submitted.
As of 10/5/18, 400 of 400 wines were submitted.