Please note: the window for submissions for Oregon Chardonnay has been changed to June 8, 2020
to June 17, 2020

Wine & Spirits changed its submission format for its August 2020 issue due to the COVID-19 crisis with new mandates put in place in both Los Angeles and New York City. They were not able to accept deliveries to either office.

For the October issue, it’s time to get ready for Chardonnay submissions.

The new protocol for submitting wines is this:

Fill out the Wine & Spirits wine submission form. You will receive an e-mail confirming which wines to send as well as further delivery instructions within 24 hours. Once you have submitted your form, you will receive a confirmation email with a PDF copy of your completed submission form. For submission history, please contact

After you receive an email confirmation:

1. Please send two bottles of wine

2. Please limit your submission to the varietal requested, which in this case, is Chardonnay.

3. Please do not send wines that have been submitted previously (with the exception of new non-vintage blends). They are also unable to accept new releases outside of the category requested at this time.

The FAQ for the submission process is here.