Every year the Oregon wine industry receives an important request for census information. The data is confidentially gathered and analyzed by the Southern Oregon University Research Center (SOURCE) and is essential for communicating industry grape pricing, economic impact, market growth and much more. The OWB has worked closely with SOURCE to streamline the census form to save you time. The questions asked represent the best balance between our wine community’s information needs and our commitment to reduce the time and effort it takes you to complete the form. Please support our industry by submitting information for your vineyard and/or winery. You may have received the form already by mail, but you can also complete a digital version. If you have questions about the census, please direct them to Rikki Pritzlaff or Marie Chambers.

As an added incentive, those returning a completed census by Feb. 3 will be entered into a drawing to win a pair of tickets to the 2018 Oregon Wine Symposium. Two sets of tickets will be awarded.