TEXSOM 2018 Sponsorship Recap

August 23, 2018|Grapevine, Trade Marketing|

The Oregon Wine Board team returned to the TEXSOM Conference for the third year in a row a few weeks ago. It was encouraging to see a larger Oregon footprint at the conference than ever before. Between an OWB sponsored lunch for TEXSOM volunteers, Willamette Valley Wineries Association sponsored attendee lunch, Southern Oregon education session [...]

Announcing 2018 Oregon Wine Month Rep of the Year Winners

June 27, 2018|Announcement, Oregon Wine Month, Trade Marketing|

After extensive deliberation, the Oregon Wine Board would like to congratulate the 2018 Oregon Wine Month Rep of the Year Award winners: Danny McBryde of Young’s Market Co. and Amy Paul Maynard of Mitchell Wine Group. Off-Premise: Danny McBryde of Young’s Market Co. Danny is a seasoned distributor rep vet, working for Young’s Market Company for [...]

2018 TEXSOM International Wine Awards Results

June 14, 2018|Trade Marketing|

The Oregon wine industry made its mark among preeminent wine influencers this year at the TEXSOM International Wine Awards (TIWA). The producers of the annual TEXSOM conference, considered by many to be the most influential wine trade education conference in the U.S., are the force behind TEXSOM IWA. At the beginning of December the OWB issued a call for wines [...]

Tips for Trade Tastings: Converting Sales Leads into Wine Placements

May 4, 2018|OWB Blog, Trade Marketing|

Trade tasting season is upon us! While trade tastings offer great exposure for your brand in front of key buyers, they are also very time consuming and expensive. Creating a structured plan in advance of the tasting can result in a better return on investment and help you convert sales leads into wine placements. How [...]

An Introduction to LibDib

March 9, 2018|Grapevine, Trade Marketing|

Attend Mar. 21 webinar to learn about a new distribution model Are you struggling to find a distributor in California and/or New York? Perhaps you're simply interested in learning about new distribution opportunities for your brand? The Oregon Wine Board has received feedback from small to medium-sized wineries across the state that you'd like additional support in finding opportunities [...]

Los Angeles Tasting Participating Wineries

February 23, 2018|Consumer Marketing, Grapevine, Trade Marketing|

The wineries below are confirmed as participating in our April 24 L.A. trade, media and consumer tasting event. You can read our past communications about the event, including FAQs and the winery registration process below. OWB Awarded Grant for Out-of-State Events (Nov. 2, 2017) Registration for Event in Los Angeles (Jan. 19, 2018) Frequently Asked Questions (Jan. [...]

New Oregon Wine Video Produced by GuildSomm

January 25, 2018|Grapevine, Trade Marketing|

"The Wines of Oregon" video recently premiered  The launch of "The Wines of Oregon" video marks the culmination of a year-long partnership between the Oregon Wine Board and GuildSomm. GuildSomm is a nonprofit international membership organization for sommeliers and wine professionals that helps members expand their knowledge of the wine world, network, and stay up-to-date on industry news [...]

Registration Closed for Event in Los Angeles

January 19, 2018|Consumer Marketing, Grapevine, Trade Marketing|

------------ UPDATE: All 50 winery spots have been filled and registration is now closed. -------------- Trade, media and consumer event taking place on April 24 Oregon Wine is going to Los Angeles, and winery registration is now open! As previously communicated, there are 50 winery spots available, which will be allocated by region in accordance with proportional annual [...]

Oregon Wine Trail Event – Frequently Asked Questions

January 18, 2018|Consumer Marketing, Grapevine, Oregon Wine Trail Event, Trade Marketing|

Below are answers to common questions about the OWB's Oregon Wine Trail events. Past: Los Angeles | April 24, 2018 Toronto | April 9, 2019 New York City | May 6, 2019 Upcoming: San Francisco | March 4, 2020 Seattle | May 11, 2020 To see what else has been communicated about these events, [...]

Act Now: Free Shipping for TEXSOM International Wine Awards

December 1, 2017|Grapevine, Trade Marketing|

Shipping Deadline: Dec. 31 The producers of the annual TEXSOM conference, considered by many to be the most prominent and influential wine trade education conference in the U.S., are the force behind TEXSOM International Wine Awards (TEXSOM IWA). In 2017, the TEXSOM IWA garnered 3,581 entries representing 29 countries and 19 states, a record for the competition. The Oregon Wine [...]