The Oregon Wine Profit Planner is a complete suite of workbooks designed to empower small Oregon vineyards and wineries to make business decisions – from pruning to pricing to packaging to personnel – that positively impact their bottom line.

This webinar is designed to help your team get up and running with the Vineyard P&L and Cash Flow Workbook. The main presenter is Tim Hanni MW, who assisted with the development of this tool in conjunction with OWB Education Manager Bree Stock MW and the OWB Education Committee.

In the Vineyard P&L and Cash Flow workbook of the Oregon Wine Profit Planner, you provide detailed inputs pertaining to startup costs, annual operating costs and revenue to understand how they impact your profitability. Comparative charts provide a 15 year cash flow and profit forecast.

Go here to get started using the Oregon Wine Profit Planner.

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