Measuring and Maximizing Your Wine Club and Events

You already have an entrenched fan base in your wine club and mailing list. But how can you make sure you are maximizing opportunities to increase loyalty – and grow sales – among this group? Building upon last year’s popular tasting room session with Lesley Berglund from WISE Academy, this session will take a closer look at what metrics to measure to stimulate growth through events and wine club membership. WISE Academy team members will share effective strategies to maximize these sales channels.

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Speaker Bios

Lesley Berglund is an accomplished wine industry entrepreneur and CEO with a focus on change management. Over the past 25 years in the wine industry she has started up the equivalent of nine new businesses, acquired and integrated four companies and led during periods of dramatic change. In 2008, she co-founded the WISE Academy, which provides education, training and certification for winery consumer direct professionals. She spends most of her time coaching winery leaders through growth related challenges and opportunities.
Liz Mercer grew up in the Napa Valley knowing it would be her forever home. She spent eight years in the Midwest (Detroit), before coming home to roost. With a unique background having a degree in finance and business management, and 17 years’ experience in direct-to-consumer marketing, she approaches the multiple needs of the company balancing the business and guest needs. Her career includes time with Diageo and Pernod Ricard, followed by nearly six years with Gallo and finally to a small family owned luxury brand. Liz can relate to the challenges faced by large publicly traded wineries, corporate family owned wineries and smaller family owned brands.
Sonyia Grabski has more than 15 years in direct to consumer wine sales, making her a prime thought leader and amplifier in identifying market trends and innovative DTC approaches in the wine industry. Over the course of Ms. Grabski’s career, she has overseen DTC sales and marketing for Constellation Wines, Terlato Wine Group, Visit Napa Valley and is currently the Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Cornerstone Cellars as well as managing her own consulting business which provides DTC strategies for companies including Iron Horse, Bonny Doon, Highway 12 and VinoPro.