In this webinar, Linfield College’s Professor Jeff D. Peterson shares the results of the first-ever salary survey specific to the Oregon wine industry. OWB education manager Bree Boskov MW hosts the webinar. The survey results provide a framework within which small Oregon-based growers and producers can plan for hiring in an increasingly crowded marketplace. This study was conducted by Linfield College with the support of the OWB Education Committee, and includes data from 188 growers and producers.

About the Salary Survey
The Oregon wine salary survey, conducted earlier this year, was borne out of the recognition that existing wine industry salary data sets are skewed heavily to California and may not translate directly to the hiring environment in Oregon. As the Oregon wine industry grows both organically and through investment from outside the state, more relevant benchmarking is needed to help small businesses plan for personnel costs as they expand their teams. Similarly, employers and employees are in need of better information to make competitive employment offers and enter into salary negotiations. To provide this more helpful context for Oregon wine businesses, the study surveyed Oregon wineries and vineyards to understand average pay across 20 winery and vineyard positions.

Webinar Content
Jeff shares the results of this study as well as providse context in which to consider and use the data. In addition to sharing the state-wide information, he presents the data tabulated by production size as well as by region and county where there are enough data points to do so. Jeff also shows an example of how to calculate a cost of living adjustment, which is just one of several factors to consider when using this new data.

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In depth results and analysis from the first-ever Oregon-specific Wine Industry Salary Survey presented by Linfield College’s Professor Jeff D. Peterson.

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Please note: the presentation and download below include a different slide outlining data by gender; the webinar slide does not include salary information on it.

Speaker Bio

Jeff Peterson joined the Linfield faculty in 1994. He teaches a broad range of courses based on his research interests, including Urban Society and Culture, Latinas/Latinos in the U.S., Mexico, Central America & The Caribbean, and a senior-level capstone course, Social Movements, Citizenship and Dissent. He also teaches courses more broadly supportive of the major, including Social Theory, Social Research Methods, and Sociology of Deviance. He also has taught a Utopias and Dystopias course, which takes on various forms, including a focus on science fiction, and most recently, Impact of the Zombie Apocalypse on the Pacific Northwest. He regularly takes students abroad through January Term courses and semester programs, including 8 trips with students to Nicaragua, Honduras, Oaxaca, Mexico, and Guatemala.

Professor Peterson also has a broad range of research and professional interests. His initial research focused on urban social movements in Mexico, where he did two years of field research. Subsequently, he has worked on projects involving Latinos in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, on indigenous groups in Costa Rica, and a three-year study for Habitat for Humanity in Guatemala, looking at the impact of a Habitat house on the health and economic well-being of families. He is also Director of the Linfield Center for the Northwest, a center that focuses on connecting students to the Pacific Northwest through research, service learning and internship opportunities that focus primarily on the areas of local enterprise, local communities and environmental issues. He initiated the Oregon Wine History Project™, and has worked on various interdisciplinary projects that focus on the sociology and history of the Oregon wine industry. More about the Linfield Center for the Northwest may be found at the LCN website.

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