Are you struggling to find a distributor in California and/or New York? Perhaps you’re simply interested in learning about new distribution opportunities for your brand?

The Oregon Wine Board has received feedback from small to medium-sized wineries across the state that you’d like additional support in finding opportunities for distribution. While researching solutions for this prevalent concern, we were introduced to Liberation Distribution, Inc. (LibDib).

LibDib  is a distributor of alcoholic beverages enabled through a proprietary desktop and mobile friendly web platform. Founded in 2016 by a small winery owner struggling to grow her family’s brand within the traditional distributor model, LibDib changes alcohol distribution by leveling the playing field. They offer a low-cost path to market as an alternative to the traditional winery/distributor relationship. Using LibDib, restaurants, bars and retailers can legally and efficiently purchase boutique wines, craft spirits and microbrews from producers of all sizes.

On Mar. 21 2018, Tanya Riesbeck of LibDib presented the mechanics of this new business model. Meg Murray of the Oregon wine label Nasty Woman Wines shared her experience as a small producer working with LibDib and offered advice to others interested in getting started.

For more information on LibDib, contact Dave Masamori.