The OWB has commissioned Nielsen data and compiled an overview of Oregon wine’s performance in off-premise retail accounts in 2018. The report includes a snapshot of 16 U.S. markets and four retail price segments relevant to Oregon producers — $11-14.99, $15-19.99, $20-24.99 and $25 & up — and reveals growth in this channel that continues to outpace both the overall table wine category and other major domestic wine producing states.

You might wonder whether these Nielsen figures represent too small a slice of Oregon’s market to be relevant to small- and mid-sized businesses.

Therefore, it might be surprising to learn that these data include about 325 Oregon brands and account for around a quarter of all Oregon wine sold across all channels globally. Although perhaps not a complete picture, this information can provide a directional indication of the vibrancy of a market’s premium wine category and Oregon’s position within it.

The OWB uses these data to help inform market selection for events such as our Oregon Wine Trail tastings. For example, we might look at whether a market has a healthy and reasonably-sized premium wine segment within which Oregon could be further developed and amplified.

We are providing Oregon wineries with these trends to use conjunction with other market intelligence as you make presentations and develop your business plans.

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