The 2018 Direct to Consumer report from ShipCompliant and Wines & Vines can be found here.  A few highlights of interest to Oregon wineries include:

  • Total wine volume sold direct, measured in dollars, grew 15.5% in 2016 versus the prior year; Oregon’s dollar volume trended  up 34.9%;
  • Oregon’s growth compares favorably versus Napa (+14.1%), Sonoma (+23.4%) and Washington state (+32.8%)
  • This channel continues to be important for Oregon wineries since direct consumers spend an average of $38.75 per bottle ($39.16 for Oregon wine);
  • The top five states for DtC shipments, ranked in order, are: California with 30% of the country’s dollar volume, followed by Texas (8%) and New York (6.5%) with Florida and Washington state each accounting for jut over 5%.

The report uses a sample of transactions to project totals representing direct sales for the 9,645 permitted U.S. wineries, 80% of those wineries are estimated to produce 5,000 cases or fewer annually.