Research Update: Statewide Crop Load Project Continues Long-Term Research to Understand the Complex Yield-Quality Relationship

January 19, 2017|OWB Funded Research, Scientific Research, Viticulture + Enology|

The Statewide Crop Load Project is a long term industry-collaborative study that scientifically evaluates the impact of yield on wine quality across Oregon vineyards. The project focuses on Pinot noir, as a recent study in Oregon indicated that it is more commonly crop thinned to specific yield goals in an attempt to reach a higher fruit quality [...]

Research Update: Molecular and Biochemical Analysis of Phenolic Acid Decarboxylase from Brettanomyces Yeast Isolates

November 16, 2016|OWB Funded Research, Scientific Research|

Contamination by Brettanomyces is a major contributor to spoilage of finished wine. One mechanism of spoilage is through metabolism of grape-derived compounds, hydroxycinnamic acids (HCAs). Brettanomyces yeast converts these compounds into volatile products responsible for off-aromas and flavors, notably 4-vinyl phenol (4-VP) and 4-ethyl phenol (4-EP). This “Brett taint” is often described as horse blanket, [...]

Research Update: Impact of Pre-Fermentation Cold Soak Conditions on Microbial Populations and Consequences for Wine Aroma

October 19, 2016|OWB Funded Research, Scientific Research, Viticulture + Enology|

Wine aroma is one of the most important components of wine quality and can be impacted by grape variety, viticultural practices and winemaking procedures. One particular practice that is employed during Pinot noir production to impact wine aroma is cold soaking. In this process, grapes are held at cold temperatures to prevent growth of Saccharomyces [...]

Pest Management Strategic Plan for Wine Grapes in Oregon

July 18, 2016|OWB Funded Research, Scientific Research, Viticulture + Enology|

In a proactive effort to identify pest management priorities and lay a foundation for future strategies, wine grape growers, commodity group representatives, pest control advisors, regulators, university specialists, and other technical experts from Oregon formed a work group and assembled a Pest Management Strategic Plan for Wine Grapes in Oregon, which was funded through an OWB research [...]

Research Update: Oregon Wine Board Commits to Fund Multi-Year Research Project

July 13, 2016|Announcements, OWB Funded Research, Scientific Research|

The Oregon Wine Board is working to increase the impact of its research initiatives this year by committing to fund a project that builds new collaborations and develops new technology to enhance our knowledge base for three years. By doing so, the OWB will increase the impact and overall power of its research funding efforts, [...]

Research Update: Understanding Seeds and Berry Ripening to Improve Wine Quality

June 16, 2016|OWB Funded Research, Scientific Research|

Grape berry uniformity in the vineyard is often considered a hallmark of consistency in wine quality, and it may be especially important to the production of high quality red wines like Pinot noir. Growers often employ cultural practices such as cluster (or cluster part) thinning to achieve greater evenness of fruit maturity at harvest. Genetic [...]

Industry Partner Recruitment for the Statewide Crop Load Project – 2016

May 18, 2016|Announcements, OWB Funded Research, Scientific Research|

Yield management is an important quality control step in winegrape production. A significant body of research exists for the impacts of cluster thinning on vine balance, fruit ripening, and fruit and wine quality, but no clear fruit and wine quality impacts have been found scientifically, largely due to the different climates, cultivars, and production goals [...]

Research Update: Pest Management Strategic Plan for Oregon Wine Grapes

May 11, 2016|OWB Funded Research, Scientific Research|

Using an Oregon Wine Board research grant, members of the OSU Integrated Plant Protection Center have developed a Pest Management Strategic Plan (PMSP) for Oregon wine grapes that will help the industry identify short and long-term pest management challenges, goals and strategies for success. The PMSP details current major pests and management practices and prioritizes [...]

Research Update: The importance of healthy, fruitful Pinot noir buds

April 7, 2016|OWB Funded Research, Scientific Research|

There are myriad environmental and physiological factors that may impact yield in a given season.   Growers in Oregon’s cool climate are often concerned about how the weather at bloom may affect yield; however,  vine nutrient status or overall vine health may be having a greater impact on fruit set and fruitfulness (number of clusters per [...]

Research Update on Chiral Terpenes: Why Does That Wine Smell So Good!

March 10, 2016|OWB Funded Research, Scientific Research|

The scents of aromatic white wines like Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Pinot gris and others seem to leap out of the glass into your nose. Winemakers often seek full expression of these attractive aromatic qualities in white wines and approximately 550 volatile compounds have been identified in grapes and wine with many contributing to the aromatic qualities [...]