Tracking and Reducing Winery Water Usage

Learn a variety of ways in which wineries can begin to track and assess winery water usage and the connection between water conservation, energy use and wastewater. An overview of the assessment tools and worksheets available on the Winerywise web site as well as the current status of waste water permits in Oregon will be shared. Examples of winery water conservation measures and how to monitor methods for water and wastewater will be described for application in both small and large facilities. This presentation will also demonstrate the advantages of ‘cloud’ storage of data for real time data analysis and show methods to quantify groundwater supply use with wellhead power monitoring as well as measurement of EC, pH, and other parameters in wastewater.

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Speaker Bios

Judy Thoet spent 10 years in the wine industry as a winemaker and vineyard crop consultant specializing in water conservation, followed by a career as a technical director in the malting industry.  Judy holds a Master of Science degree in crop science from OSU, a Bachelor of Science degree in agronomy from CSU Fresno, a Winemaking Certificate from UC Davis, and a Sommelier diploma from the International Sommelier’s Guild. Judy is also one of the founding authors of Winerywise, an online, interactive guide of business and winery management practices.
Dr. Stuart Childs is a soil scientist and hydrogeologist with more than 30 years of professional experience, including 10 years as a research professor at Oregon State University. He has expertise in waste management and recycling via irrigation, as required by industry, municipalities and agricultural operations. Stuart works extensively with wineries and food processors to address issues related to groundwater supply, water and energy conservation, and wastewater treatment and management. His work involves wastewater permitting, facility sustainability programs, hydrologic analysis, and groundwater protection.
Ken Navidi is the sales manager for Bainbridge Associates, Inc., a manufacturer’s representative for the instrument and controls industry. Ken has worked extensively with municipalities and industrial clients to review site hydrology and recommend proper flow meters for their application. Ken regularly provides services such as overseeing the installation of flow meters and startup/training to clients on instrumentation.