Sales of Oregon wine at retail are outpacing the total category and outperforming other major domestic wine producing states. To dig a little deeper, the OWB has compiled a report on 2019 off-premise retail sales, based on commissioned Nielsen data.

This report includes:

  • The performance of Oregon, California, Washington and total wine in 18 major U.S. markets
  • Comparative data on Oregon’s performance versus the total wine category in major markets by price segment
  • Trend information confirming increases in Oregon wine availability over the past 5 years climbing to a new record level
  • Growth rates and market share of Oregon wine in its home market compared to the balance of the country

With Nielsen data reflecting about 25% of all Oregon wine sales, the information in this report can provide directional indication of the vibrancy of a market’s premium wine category and Oregon’s position within it. Depending on your business goals, this data  can be used to augment sales presentations to distributors and retailers or used in conjunction with other market intelligence to develop your market expansion plans.