Executive Summary

Economic Value

The sum of all economic activity in Oregon related directly or indirectly to wine is over $5.61 billion, which as compared to when the last time this study was conducted in 2013 was $3.35 billion.

In 2016, estimated wine-related and induced jobs in Oregon totaled 29,738; related wages topped $1 billion. Other notable statistics include:

  • Over 1,000 Oregon wine grape growers produced a crop whose total value in 2016 was $167.8 million.
  • 725 Oregon wineries or wine companies bottled over 3 million 9L cases of wine and had revenues of over $529 million in 2016 from the sale of packaged wine. Oregon wines shipped to other states/countries brought in over $195 million in revenue, while DtC shipments added another $286 million.
  • Retail sales of wine in Oregon from all sources topped $1 billion in 2016. This supported 3,206 jobs in stores and retailers, 5,728 jobs in restaurants etc. and at least 320 jobs in distributors and importers.
  • Between 2013 and 2016, the impact of wine-related tourism more than doubled, contributing $787 million in revenues to the Oregon economy, and supporting 7,625 jobs at $215 million in wages.
  • Due to both the success of Oregon wineries and a stronger state economy, the value of supplies and services to the industry reached $990 million in 2016.
  • Wine-related activities contributed over $155 million in tax and licensing revenues to the state and local governments in 2016.
  • Since the last report covering 2013, growth and investment in the Oregon wine industry has expanded with at least 6,480 new acres planted, the number of wineries increased by at least 120 and winery sales in 9L cases up 27%.

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