UPDATE 10/14/19: A transcription error was caught that impacts Vineyard Table 4 (Wine Grapes – Price per Ton). Four figures (low and average values for North Willamette Valley Pinot noir and Chardonnay) have been updated and are now consistent with those in the 2018 Preliminary Grape Pricing Report published in July.


2018 saw increases in sales, revenue and production for Oregon wineries and vineyards.

  • The leading variety in planted acreage and production remains Pinot Noir accounting for 57% of all planted acreage and 59% of wine grape production.
  • The estimated value of wine grape production topped $200 million for the first time.
  • The number of vineyards increased from 1,144 to 1,165 and total planted acreage increased by nearly 2,000 acres from 33,996 to 35,972, an increase of 5.8%. The highest growth rate in planted acreage was seen in the Umpqua and Rogue valleys at 10%.
  • The overall number of wineries increased from 769 to 793 with the biggest increases coming from South Willamette Valley, which added 16, and the North Willamette Valley, which grew by 12.
  • Total tons crushed increased by 3.3% from 77,170 tons to 79,685 tons.
  • Case sales increased 15% from 3.60 million to 4.15 million, supported by increases in domestic sales outside of Oregon, direct to consumer channels and international sales.
  • The leading export market for Oregon wine is Canada, which accounted for 45% of export sales. Notable growth was seen in Scandinavian markets, Mexico, Hong Kong/China and South Korea.