UPDATE 9/25/2018: This report was updated to reflect minor corrections in 2017 planted acreage (now 33,996) and harvested acreage (now 31,008), impacting figures in Vineyard Tables 1, 2 and 3. The number of wineries reported in 2016 was previously misstated in this report and has been corrected to reflect 1,056.


2017 saw increases in sales, revenue, and production for Oregon wineries and vineyards.

  • The leading variety in planted acreage and production remains Pinot Noir accounting for 58% of all planted acreage and 59% of production.
  • The overall number of vineyards increased from 1,056 to 1,144 and total planted acreage increased by more than 3,500 acres from 30,435 to 33,996, an increase of 11.7%.
  • The overall number of wineries increased from 725 to 769 with the biggest increases coming from the Eastern Oregon/at large areas increasing by 18, and the Rogue Valley increasing by 13.
  • Total tons crushed increased by 9.3% from 70,579 tons to 77,170 tons.
  • Case sales increased 6% from 3.39 million to 3.60 million, supported by increases in international sales, direct to consumer channels, and domestic sales outside of Oregon.
  • Leading the export markets for Oregon wine is Canada, which accounted for 49% of export sales.