Executive Summary

Economic Value

The sum of all economic activity in Oregon related directly or indirectly to wine is over $3.35 billion. The net economic contribution, a measure of value added, is $1.7 1 billion. Other notable statistics:

In 2013, estimated wine-related jobs in Oregon totaled 17,099; related wages topped $527 million.

  • Over 950 Oregon wine grape growers produced a crop whose total value in 2013 was $128 million.
  • 605 Oregon wineries or wine companies bottled 2,780,237 nine-liter cases of wine and had revenues of over $363 million in 2013 from the sale of packaged wine. Oregon wines shipped to other states/countries brought in over $127 million in revenue, while direct-to-consumer shipments added another $52 million.
  • Retail sales of wine in Oregon from all sources were $816.6 million in 2013.
  • In 2013 wine-related tourism contributed $207.5 million in revenues to the Oregon economy.
  • Wine-related activities contributed over $63 million in tax and licensing revenues to the state government in 2013, as well as supporting $64.9 million in local property taxes.
  • The Oregon wine and wine grape industries contribute an estimated $11.3 million annually to charities.
  • The post-recession years of 2011-2014 have seen renewed optimism and investment in the Oregon wine industry, with planted acres increasing 18%, the number of wineries increasing by 45% and wine sales volume up 39%, resulting in vineyard and winery spending of between $63 and 110 million to increase production capacity

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