2019 saw increases in sales, revenue and production for Oregon wineries and vineyards.

  • The leading variety in planted acreage and production remains Pinot Noir accounting for 59% of all planted acreage and 58% of wine grape production.
  • The estimated value of wine grape production increased 14% to nearly $238 million.
  • Total planted acreage increased by nearly 1,500 acres from 35,972 to 37,399, an increase of 4.0%. The highest growth rate in planted acreage was seen in the Rogue Valley at 5.2%.
  • Total tons crushed increased by 6.2% from 79,685 tons to 84,590 tons.
  • Case sales increased 12.5% from 4.15 million to 4.67 million, supported by double-digit increases across all measured channels: direct-to-consumer sales, channel sales in and out of Oregon, and sales into international markets.
  • The leading the export market for Oregon wine is Canada, which accounted for 46% of export sales. Notable growth was seen in Mexico, South Korea, and Japan.

This report is produced by the Institute for Policy Research and Engagement (IPRE) at the University of Oregon on behalf of the Oregon Wine Board. The IPRE research team has prepared a document outlining their data collection and analysis methods. Please contact Bob Parker at the IPRE with questions.